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This Month's Top Tracks from the Staff @ Restless Wears

Are you as excited as us to hear our selected favourite new bands & releases ? Of course your not. But I would bet a Dollar (50p)* you will find a new act to enjoy.

* Little pun about the terrible state of the UK pound. If you hadn't noticed

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1) Psychic Graveyard - Building you a Rainbow

This may of come out in April but I only just came across this amazing Split release with USA Nails after seeing them advertised for a show with Chat Pile and wanted to know more. Really cant stop singing the lyric's " Ok, ill stop Stealing your Crypto, Ok, ill Stop hunting your Spirit Animals" 

FFO : Warmduscher, Holy Fuck, USA Nails, No Age


2) Cor De Lux - Snap Out Of It

Brooding Lyric's and a Swooning bunch of Guitars and the High Hat sound on this is unreal. Deep space-sounding Post Punk-Dream Pop. 

 FFO: Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Ist Ist , Slowdive, Jesus & Mary Chain


3) Gilla Band - Backwash

Yet another fantastic single from the upcoming album from Gilla Band. Usual Cryptic Lyrics and Inside Melting Percussion. Fantastic Stuff. 

“The initial idea for the whole album was that it would loosely sound like a dream,” singer Dara Kiely explains



4) DEH-YEY - How to Stop a Terrorist

 We are always gonna shoe horn in one of our own releases into this mix but they deserve it. This was the last offering from our own Label and its a belter. Check out the Video Below

FFO: John (TimesTwo), Life, Jesus Lizard , McClusky



5) TV/AM - Semantics

 Taken from his new album High Art Lite due out in October . “Semantics is a song about contrasts; contrasts of experience, of opinion, of understanding. Of how the age of Populist thinking has forced us to pick a side, of how the algorithm has forced us to pick a side, of how our peers force us to pick a side. Semantics is this moment in garish glory – nuance trodden underfoot by primary colours.”

FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Health, Fck Buttons, Moonlandingz



 6) Erasing Grace - Born to Die

 Its not very often we agree to put covers on our playlist. Usually they are lazy and uninspiring. This cover of Lana Del Rey's Single isn't that. Erasing Grace from Liverpool have added their own unique stamp on this and its beautiful to hear. In fact It took me a while to realize it was even a cover

FFO: Chromatics, Cigarettes after Sex , Junior Boys, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi 




7) Ledher Blue - Sandcastles

 Ledher Blue was formed in Guimarães - Portugal by Zé and Pedro. They met as kids trying to overtake childhood with high speed cigarettes and nitrous alcohol. They decided to lock themselves in a CO2 infested garage releasing pure noise through cheap speakers. 

We cant find an awful lot online about these 2 but what caught my attention was the unique way they craft lyrics around some beautiful riffs. 

FFO: Spoon, Rural Alberta Advantage , Pavement, Why? 



8) BJORK - Atopos

 If your new to Bjork then this single probably isn't the place to start. It throws you straight into her world and its glorious. Reminds me a lot of the 2015 Haxan Cloak era of Vulnicura. The Chorus "Hope is a Muscle that allows us to Connect" has you surrounded by a massive head spinning percussive avalanche. 



9) GALLOPS - Death Square

 One of our Local Independent Heroes are back again with new material and it doesn't disappoint. The new single also includes a fantastic remix by Worriedaboutsatan. If you ever get the chance to see Gallops Live don't miss the opportunity it will be a stand out show. 

FFO : Holy Fuck , Battles , Vessels , Adebisi Shank


10) CHIHUAHUA - Haiku for Dead Inmate

 We put these on in Chester for our last live show, They really tore it up, despite it being a quiet show and they really deserved more eyes on them. This track really stood out. Fantastic Musicians and people and I'm sure they will go on to big things 

FFO: Swans , Black Country New Road, Gnod, Black Midi


11) King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Ice V

 Call this a 10 minute pallet cleanser in the middle of this playlist. Its the 1st single taken from the new album Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava, which will be released on October 7th. This track is an exciting taste of what's to come



12) Mars Volta - Blacklight Shine

 Its been 10 years since I heard anything from Mars Volta. They have come back with the same cryptic content and funky bass lines but dare I say it, this is more assessable than anything they have done before. Pop ? No, but its as close as your gonna get. Its a fantastic record but this is our favourite




13) Wasted Youth - BFF

 This Toronto two piece pack a punch, this came out a while ago and is the first single in 3 years but its the 1st we have heard of it, certainly grabs you by the throat. BFF is a quick, loud and energic punk song about getting high and having a anxiety attack.

FFO: No Age, E.T.I.D, Death from Above 1979


14) METZ (Feat Joe Talbot) - Come on Down

Of the “Come On Down” single and collaboration, METZ’s Alex Edkins offers this, “‘Come On Down’ was originally recorded during the Atlas Vending sessions but never fully finished. During the pandemic I really gravitated towards the idea of collaboration as a way to fill the void left by the loss of live music. I reached out to friends from far and wide in order to get that feeling of community that gigs provide. Joe Talbot (IDLES) is a longtime friend who METZ has shared the stage with many, many times, and this song was a very natural and fun way to catch up with him and do something positive with our time off the road.”



15) Black Angels - El Jardin

Austin psych rock legends The Black Angels are back today after five years with a new song, “El Jardín!” The song is the first single from their brand new album, Wilderness of Mirrors. Really looking forward to catching them live when they tour the UK



16) The Hips - Knife Play

Psychedelic Garage/Noise duo, based out of Baltimore, MD. First time we have come across this act. It sounds a bit like hybrid of Drenge and Lightning Bolt. Defiantly worth your attention

FFO : Drenge, Lightning Bolt, Death from Above


17) The Rockafella Frequency - Karma Town

The Rockefeller Frequency is a band from Brisbane, Australia creating music that embodies the idea that human beings, as a species, can be so much more than just walking haircuts. Sitting somewhere within the rock genre they dabble with punk, emo and indie sounds. Their lyrical content toys with themes of anarchy, paranoia, mental illness and the general pork-choppery of modern day existence.

FFO : Spoon, Cold War Kids, Okkervil River, The Hold Steady 


18) Dry Cleaning - Gary Ashby

Dry Cleaning are back with a great track about a Tortoise Possibly a first for this subject matter for me. I don't know haven't done any research. Its the 3rd single from the new album Stumpwork. Florence Shaw’s droll singsong melds beautifully with guitars that alternately pierce and shimmer. 


19) Crack Cloud - Costly Engineered Illusion

Crack Cloud release their new single from upcoming album "Tough Baby". 

“We spent a week in Trenčín, Slovakia, over the summer producing a theatre representation of the housing crisis in Western Canada,” Crack Cloud said of the clip. “It was our first venture into live theatre; the process was spontaneous, disorienting, and new. Finding synergy with Silvia Sviteková and her dance company was an elevating experience, reinforcing our mutual love for creative improvisation. The video is primarily a compilation of B roll from our time there.”
Read more: Crack Cloud Share Video for New Single 'Costly Engineered Illusion' - Our Culture


20) Wednesday - Bull Believer

To Finish off this list, Wednesday, the Asheville band returns with a grungy eight-plus minute song inspired by country music podcast Cocaine & Rhinestones. Its certainly the heaviest track I have heard from them yet. 



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