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This Month's Top Tracks from the Staff @ Restless Wears
Some cracking releases this month. Kicking things off with Eyesore & the Jinx who have played many shows for us at Restless Bear Events and we love to bits. If your new to them, I urge you to check out their catalogue before the debut Album "Jitterbug" is out. This Single is taken from the upcoming album release and revolves around obsessive compulsive disorder. Frontman Josh Miller has a real knack for delivering witty and intelligent lyric's. 
 No More Nails, then, is a song about compulsive behaviours, and how we use our bodies to map our brains’ complex internal processes. It’s also a song about my gross, little cornflake fingernails that I’ve bitten into oblivion, and will likely continue to do so for the rest of my days.”
Nice to see Spits Milk & Ken Mode back again. We have been playing their Album's in the Van, 
Some new acts this month definitely worth taking the time to get to know 
Big Special  
Sour Fuzz
Cooper T
Here's a Shat GBT review of the playlist. 
"The Restless Wears New Noise Monthly playlist on Spotify is an excellent source of new and exciting music for listeners who are looking for fresh sounds and up-and-coming artists. The playlist has a great mix of genres, styles, and moods, making it suitable for a wide variety of listeners. From #post-punk & #altrock to #indie & #dreampop there is something for everyone.
One of the best things about this playlist is that it highlights lesser-known artists who are just starting to gain traction in the industry. It's always exciting to discover new talent, and Restless Wear's curation team does an excellent job of finding these hidden gems"