Covid19 Prevention Policy

Our first response has been to look after our team. We’ve installed additional soap and paper towel dispensers around the Studio, and had training sessions of hygiene and washing hands correctly.

We’ve decorated the walls with reminders to wash hands regularly alongside step-by-step guides for hand washing

Each Item is printed and prepared wearing facemasks and gloves, We prepare the shirts and pack them securely straight from production line so they are ready for dispatch. The aim is to make sure the items are not around any open spaces. 

We implemented cleaning rotas for communal spaces, like the bathrooms and staff areas. We’ve added duties to these rotas including sanitizing handles and our clocking in machine. 

Finally, we’ve been educating our team from reputable sources like the NHS, passing on the advice and recom­men­dations from profes­si­onals. This includes the current advice on spotting symptoms, self-isolation, and social distancing.­ 

The aim of these measures is simply to help prevent the spread of anything, Coronavirus included. Good hygiene should be practiced whether there’s a current global pandemic or not.