Restless Wears came about as a side project of Restless Bear Records, We wanted to put a few T-Shirts out there for some bands we loved, and then all of a sudden the world went weird and all those bands couldn't play anymore.

Like loads of other creative people out there we decided to pour our energy into something else. We want to avoid the man timing us when we go for toilet breaks, and it would be nice if we could afford the odd scotch egg for dinner. So in order to achieve these lofty ambitions we're going to start bashing out as many T-Shirt designs as we can, hope you like them.

We will always lean on new ways to make sure the nihilists are happy and able to express themselves, without the burden of having to actually talk to people of course. If you've got an idea you would like to run by us for merch we'd love to hear about it.

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If you get your kicks from all the Policies and T&C's then they're listed at the footer (that's the bit at the bottom of the page).



  • Items are shipped within 7 working days to UK*(During Covid19 & Christmas Period the delivery can take slightly longer)
  • We have a 14 day return policy if your not happy (from the date the T-Shirt arrived not when the order was placed)
  • You wont find us on Amazon because Jeff Bezos makes about £300 Million a day and doesn't need us. He also mistreats his work force and doesn't pay enough tax 
  • We only use Eco Friendly Packaging 
  • Printed at our UK based fulfillment center

If you would like to know anymore info please get in touch & enjoy shopping



It's ok we don't mind, it's the 21st century everyone's doing it. You can spy on us through our socials below and sign up to our mailing list for any updates, promise we won't pester though.




P.S.  If your into Post-Punk / Garage Rock check out our Label 



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